Introducing Sideburn Bob - The People's Champion


Since 1974 #sideburnbob has been gracing Non-League football programmes either as a front cover or inside a programme for various advertising, as far as I am aware he was first spotted in the 1974 Derby County  Ram Boutique advert and thereafter in other various League Club programmes first appearing on the 1976 Kilmarnock programme as a front cover, from there on in fronting 100s of non-league programmes with his glory years being 1980's & 90s.

The mystery of exactly where Bob came from continues. Tony Williams who many of you will know from his Non-League publications wrote in the non league grounds of Great Britain that he had first spotted Bob in a 1950s football magazine and had pasted him into a scrapbook. Doubt remains on this siting as nothing was ever spotted again for over 20 years until the Ram Boutique advert. Popular suggestion is he is in fact clipart which is more plausible as Bob looks like a 70s character and famous footballer Malcolm MacDonald with his ever present partner looking like Rodney Bewes from the Likely Lads which older readers will have fond memories of. So, why do I love this character? Well simply because it brings back memories of programmes collected throughout the years. He is  an iconic figure for me - some of my first memories of attending games within Non-League.

He has be recently introduced on around 6 programmes this season ie Brixham / Portland United / Sholing FC / Knaphill / Clay Cross Town / Prestwich Heys & Lucan United from Ireland and one or 2 more are ready to grace the non league programme soon - Steeton FC for one .

#sideburnbob the People's Champion will continue to be an iconic figure for me and the search is on for his history and collecting programmes 😉

Tony Candland.
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